Journal Papers

Mead, M., Bevilacqua, M., Loiseaux, C., Hallett, S.H., Jude, S., Emmanouilidis, C., Harris, J., Leinster, P., Mutnuri, S., Tran, T.H., and Williams, L. (2022) Generalised network architectures for environmental sensing: Case studies for a digitally enabled environment. Array. 14.

Thesis Projects

Baldwin, A. (2021) Urban Living Laboratories (ULL): A systematic analysis of collaboration and co-creation in ULLs to support inclusive planning. MSc thesis.

Zheng, Y. (2021) Integrated modelling of the spatial pattern effects on the water cycle at Cranfield University campus. MSc thesis.

King, M. (2021) Integrated hydrological and turbidity modelling of a small-scale monitored catchment. MSc thesis, Imperial College London.

Kuttner, J. (2019) Financial and environmental modelling of a biomass boiler installation in the UK. MSc thesis.

Lei, J. (2019) Development of an Internet of Things approach for monitoring biodiversity on the university campus. MSc thesis.

Metz, R. (2019) Maximizing environmental net gain in urban green corridors. MSc thesis.

Nandozi, C. (2019) Sensing soil temperature and soil moisture in urban green spaces on the university campus. MSc thesis.

Sandford-deQuincey, N.A. (2019) Understanding the perceptions of Cranfield University as an urban observatory. MSc thesis.

Shepherd, B. (2019) Developing a University Climate Change Risk Assessment for adaptation, with a case study of Cranfield University. MSc thesis.

Roquet Guardia, M. (2018) Development of a spatially enabled airport management database for Cranfield Airport. MSc thesis.

Arenal Gomez, C. (2018) Cranfield 2025: Investigation of the optimal renewable energy strategy. MSc thesis.

Alsultan, M. (2017) The use of phase change materials in thermal energy storage applications: A case study at Cranfield University. MSc thesis.

Pflanzer, V. (2017) Energy self sufficiency on campus. MSc thesis.

Shepherd, B. (2017) Scoping a climate change adaptation strategy for Cranfield University. MSc dissertation.

Ruzickova, T. (2016) GIS applications to enhance the student and visitor experience of Cranfield University. MSc thesis.

Bradley, S. (2015) Air quality impact of airfield operations at Cranfield Airport. MSc thesis.

Ruault, M. (2015) The use of energy metering software to improve energy use and efficiency on the Cranfield campus.

Demirtzioglou, N. (2014) Development of a web-based interactive mobile map application for the Cranfield University campus. MSc thesis.

Group Projects

Carmen et al. (2018) Cranfield University: Development of a sustainable food and beverage procurement strategy. MSc group project.

Ramirez et al. (2017) Energy audit and energy scheme design and analysis for a public building. MSc group project.

Caballero et al. (2017) Surface water management strategy for Cranfield University. MSc group project.

Chin et al. (2016) Cranfield Living Lab pilot study project. MSc group project.

Algasim et al. (2009) Greening Cranfield University. Integrated Land Management and Geographical Information Management MSc group project.

Carga et al. (2009) Evolving sustainability at Cranfield University: Using approaches to green the food-chain in self-catering accommodation as an example. MSc group project.